Simplify inventory management with Fleetrock's cloud-based inventory tracking system. Integrate with Fleetrock's repair order system to automatically track warranties and streamline workflows.

Stay organized

Easily manage part suppliers, quantities, warranties, and more. Reduce costs with better organization.

Improve efficiency

Integrates with Fleetrock's repair order and warranty management platforms to streamline workflow.

Track data

Make better decisions with better data. Leverage the Fleetrock platform to track data in real-time.

"Very easy to manage the inventory process and everything is connected to our repair process. It's made a HUGE difference in the amount of time spent behind the computer."

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Powerful features to simplify inventory management.

Fleetrock optimizes inventory management and helps reduce unnecessary inventory costs.

Track complete inventory history

Create and manage suppliers

Customize warranty conditions

Automatically match warranties on repair orders

Create and manage purchase orders

Receive notification when inventory is low

Automatically order and replenish inventory

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